Saturday, September 19, 2009


That little boy up there is my five going on six kindergartner. I always wished for a rambunctious little boy..... be careful what you wish for. That is exactly what I received. He's a little social butterfly like his Dad, talks a mile a minute. I honestly leave a room with him talking and come back to him still talking. His favorite catch phrase is "Let me tell you something". But all in all he is my sweet little boy.
He had such a successful time in preschool I thought kindergarten no problem. Well I was sadly mistaken. His class has an apple tree on the wall and if you break a rule your apple comes down. We have been in school for a little over a month and Griffin's apple has been taken down 5 times. Last week Grif had his first visit to the principals office. Did not phase him in the least!
Grif's teacher says he is a popular boy in class, but talks and interrupts class. That I said is his problem he wants to socialize all day. Let me tell you ladies it is going to be a long 13 years at this rate. We do know one thing at least he will be surrounded by lots of friends in the process~


  1. Well,
    I can totally relate to this post, except mines a girl who loves to "chit n' chat", her little catch phrase. Remember the Volvo commercial with the Dad going to pick up his little girl and she's chatting a mile a minute when he's buckling her in her car seat, then he shuts the door, and when he gets in she's still chatting? That's my dd all over.
    We're familiar with the vice principals office, I'll put it that way.
    And even though school has just started, she already has a slip or two for talking.....may be a long year!
    Don't fret, you're not alone.....

  2. BRISTOL. I have to tell you - my daughter was EXACTLY the same as your son last year. She was constantly on time out. The first few weeks of school this year she was so in the habit of saying what she did on time out during school - that this year she said "NO TIME OUTS TODAY!" I know a lot of it has to do with age, and a lot of it has to do with the teacher.

    They are such precious 5/6 year old kids that are just learning about school. How to be a student, how to interact appropriately - and because of this year of laying LOTS of groundwork - they will be successful in the future. Don't base your school life on this 1st year. I was an out of control STRESS CASE last year.

    SO - if you need to commiserate - know, Theta-girl, that I'm here for you!!


  3. PS - did I tell you lately how excited I am that you're back to blogging?

    PPS - did I tell you that Carson Palmer went to my high school and played football with my brother?! GO BENGALS!

  4. Bristol, what a cute little man. Nothing better than a little guy with spunk!! makes life more interesting. Wait til his school reports start saying - class clown, thats what my boys had on theres. Gotta love them.
    Love your banner

  5. Just found your blog. :) I love the way you described your little guy! He is adorable.

  6. oh Bristol, this is going to be my child too. We tried to take him to the vet with us yesterday and he was jumping all over the place, singing, talking, running, pushing the crate we had the cat in all over the floor, I had to apologize to the doctor 100 times...good thing he is a friend of ours..anyway, totally relate here..hang in there, 13 years will go by quicker then you think!

  7. Ahhhh...boys will be boys! You gotta love them. I adore your chair on your lovely and happy! Thanks for your comment you left on my blog the other day!

  8. Don't give up! My oldest had a RoUGH start in school, kindergarten... then 1st grade... But we put in the hard work and now she never gets in trouble! There is HOPE for you! It doesn't have to be 13 years! He's still quite young! He's just learning!

  9. Social butterflies are the best kind of kid, tho! Im certain that you would not want him to be a shy demure little boy who dosent have any friends..He will acclimate and get down to business. Its happened here 2 times already, now we have 2 boys that are doing just teriffic!