Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where does the time go

We have been so busy here on Grant St. Working on the little boys room, cannot tell you how much I dislike painting. Hope to have pictures up soon of his baseball room~

And can I tell how much I dislike the fact that a couple of my favorite magazines are out of print. I am so hard up I peruse the Pottery Barn catalog for inspiration. I just received the fall catalog in the mail and they have added Vintage Style as one of their decorating categories. Some cute things and ideas check it out........

Love the graphics in this room.
Cute little take on some burlap roast bags~

I love this bar it look like a work bench of my Dad's. Makes me think of an idea~

I love love this idea of the photos clipped to twine. I have this on my to do list for today. I am going to try in my living room and bedroom.

Where do you find your inspiration??

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have a thing for totebags, maybe because I ruin them so quickly. My most favorite is this little lovely from . Because I bought one for my Mom at Christmas, I think I have the right to use it. What you say, why don't you buy your own. Well because I am cheap that's right I said it. Just ask my husband it was just until recently I let him purchase a large screen TV. I do really get it honestly from my Dad. When I was in the 8th grade I swear we had cable installed on our black and white television. Okay back to the topic!

This cutie is on sale for 13.99 so I am off to purchase. The sad thing is I will think about it for another 30 minutes, so wait before you look. The two things I never scrimp on are hotel rooms and shoes. Those are just two things I cannot lower the bar on. That always reminds me of Bridgit Fonda in It could happen to you~ One thing she could not scrimp on is Miracle Whip(cute movie) So now you ask why the title.....

Well like I said I purchased one of these large totes in green with brown initals for my Mom. I always borrow it on trips. Well this time I put too much in it and what do you know the strap popped off~

When I called to tell her she was not happy. So everytime I call she reminds me, you know we take that tote to Mackinac Island with all the wine and such(because you have to have the right tote for wine!!) Today she flat out told me you better have another tote when you come up here in August. So needless to say I will be in the doghouse if I don't. So my question is what to have embroidered on it. Last time I did her initials and this time I want something different. So help me out which do you like the best
1. the lake
2. cottage
3. Up North (that what we always say when we are heading to the cottage
4. Let me know if you have something better.

There can be only 8 letters~

P.S. Wait a while before you check that 13.99 tote out! I ordered mine, they are an extra 10% off!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Back from vacation, finally! We had an adventure flying home with emergency landings and such. A missed connection in Atlanta to cause a vacation extension by a day and did I say I do not like flying. We did have loads of fun, sorry to say not a lot of pictures to follow. I was bad this time at clicking the Fuji on this vacation. I do recommend St. Maarten it was wonderful! I do have some great finds through hours of reading on the plane. First up is the book Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. I'm sure if there are some "self proclaimed foodies" out there, you know the movie is coming out in early fall. It is a great memoir of Julie who decides to cook through Julia Child's book in a year. If you don't mind a few choice words it is excellent!

My next find I think was in a People magazine. It really makes me want to plan my next vacation. The funny thing is I am not that much of a camper, but this looks wonderful. Glamping whoever thought of that was a genius. There are more ideas at These pictures below are from the wonderful resort. They also have luxury cabins to stay in. The resort is in Montana and a little pricey. I am off to research other glamping alternatives. Until then my husband is putting the tent up in the backyard for some summer fun.
I could so be kickin' back here with a glass of wine.......
P.S. Can someone please tell me how to link to a website. I had it down on typepad but for the life of me cannot figure out on blogger