Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make note~

New Year~ New Ideas~ New Aspirations~New Blog~

Friday, January 8, 2010

Quite a log time~

It has been such a long time since I blogged that I could not even figure out how to sign on. After about 20 minutes here I am. Life has been busy! Someone in college should have smacked me hard when I chose to major in retail marketing. This has been the wildest Christmas I have ever had in my 17 year career! But like every year it's over and now just to get through inventory. I am rested and back to normal.
I have been going back and forth about this blog. Up until now I was going to just forget about it. But just like retail I love it and cannot walk away from it. You might not see me back right away, I have to redo this blog. Even thought the name is quite special to me I might change the look and the name. I wonder if anyone even reads this or not? Who knows who cares it is a great creative outlet! So for now I have to get my creative juices flowing~

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tons and Tons

I started with a couple and that turned to hundreds and now there sitting in boxes~ I used to sell these little pretties on my past website. I have them in white, yellow, blue, pink, and yellow. I have several around the house, but sad to say the rest in boxes. I need to pull these beauties out and do something with them. Any ideas?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Learning Something New

My husband bought a scanner, printer, copier thingy. Is thingy even a word, that's what I think of that little contraption. It took me forever to figure out the scanner. Don't you know I went a wee bit overboard scanning " back in the day pictures"~

I loved that dress, but oh so short!

My Dad made this baby doll bed and check out my little Bengal cheer leading outfit~ And no I was never a cheerleader. Remember from my last post, no grace~

I was happy as can be with my ketchup bottle!
By far the best Christmas to this day. My Dad made that sweet table and my grandmother painted it. Don't you know I still have it~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

All For the Porch

I was off Tuesday and had my whole day mapped out. Well usually when you do that things don't go your way. And on this particular Tuesday nothing went as planned. And to understand the story you have to get to know me a little better. My middle name is not "GRACE" and that is a good thing, because I really have zilch! That's right I am a klutz of sorts. The times I have fallen down steps cannot even be counted. The boots I showed in my previous post and I commented how I got them broke in. Well that was thanks to my spill down our steps leading to the sidewalk. There are a few and let me tell you it was a fall. Bruises up and down my leg, however my boots were instantly broke in! The list goes on and on. Fast forward to Tuesday. Griff and I were getting ready to walk to school. Well wouldn't you know Cooper (a beauty of a Golden but no brains) got loose. It was 755a and the bell rings at 805a so G and I headed out to play Cooper's little chase game. Thank goodness he did not follow us to the schoolyard, that is bad and has already happened once. So I dropped G off and wouldn't you know Coop was there sitting on the porch waiting for me to let him in.

I should have stopped there. I proceeded to shower and get ready for errands. When I headed out I had to stop for gas. I put the pump on the automatic flow thingy and ran in to get a Diet Pepsi. Here is a valuable lesson don't do that! I forgot about it and drove off and yanked that hose right out of the tank, it was still hanging out of my tank. Thank goodness someone did it last week and it could be fixed.

I was on my way and headed to Hobby Lobby and Michael's to get more decorations for the porch. I was excited to get home and put my visual thoughts into motion. I proceeded with putting the burlap garland up and adding fall leaves around the door. I was using my old rickety chair as a step stool. (Note to self always use a ladder) Well don't you know I lost balance and went flying down with the chair. Smacked my head and elbows on the porch, it was not pretty.
Somehow I pulled myself up and headed to the phone to call my husband. I was then approached by my six year old who informed me I should have used a bigger chair or ladder. Thanks sweetie I will remember that next time. To make a long story short my husband and I headed to the ER. And let me tell you that is always a fun experience. Since my husband is a police officer we play the I arrested that person and that person game. That usually entertains for about 15 minutes and the people watching keeps me going till we get called. After xrays and waiting I have one elbow with a hairline fracture and tendon problem. Just a normal day in the life of Grace oops I mean Bristol! And if you drive by my house it's half decorated!!

P.S.~ Notice how we have a routine at the emergency room, well we go a lot~~

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I don't know if you all work like I do but it is in stages. I build a little on things each day. I love this Harvest banner I created out of burlap and twine. I usually decorate the front porch in Halloween but with work being crazy; I wanted something that could make it through until Christmas. So I went with a Harvest theme for the front porch. I keep adding a little to it every day and hopefully by next week it will be done. Everything on 125 Grant St. is a work in progress. I decided to go with the classic orange pumpkin this year~ I even added my newest boots on the porch for their color. They were a birthday present from sweet husband. I have been working really hard to get them broken in and I think I have been successful~


I was blogging for a quick second and came across the most delightful blog While I was visitng I ran across this wonderful designer that I am just swooning over. Off to get my creative juices flowing it may even be a two post day~

P.S ~ Can some sweet girl please tell me to hide your link in a blogger post!