Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Learning Something New

My husband bought a scanner, printer, copier thingy. Is thingy even a word, that's what I think of that little contraption. It took me forever to figure out the scanner. Don't you know I went a wee bit overboard scanning " back in the day pictures"~

I loved that dress, but oh so short!

My Dad made this baby doll bed and check out my little Bengal cheer leading outfit~ And no I was never a cheerleader. Remember from my last post, no grace~

I was happy as can be with my ketchup bottle!
By far the best Christmas to this day. My Dad made that sweet table and my grandmother painted it. Don't you know I still have it~


  1. Oh what cute pics! Really like the ketchup bottle. I used to look at old pics of my mom and dad and think what a dork! The other day my son was looking at an old pic of me and asked "Did you mean to make your hair look like that?"

  2. Oh how fun! I want a scanner! Such special were a real cutie!!!

    :) T

  3. Bristol, these are were so cute. I have to say some of the toys you played with I would love to get my hands on, and that stroller in the last photo is priceless!! thanks for sharing...

  4. awww so many memories -- thanks so much for sharing! sending hugs...your newest follower : )

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