Friday, January 8, 2010

Quite a log time~

It has been such a long time since I blogged that I could not even figure out how to sign on. After about 20 minutes here I am. Life has been busy! Someone in college should have smacked me hard when I chose to major in retail marketing. This has been the wildest Christmas I have ever had in my 17 year career! But like every year it's over and now just to get through inventory. I am rested and back to normal.
I have been going back and forth about this blog. Up until now I was going to just forget about it. But just like retail I love it and cannot walk away from it. You might not see me back right away, I have to redo this blog. Even thought the name is quite special to me I might change the look and the name. I wonder if anyone even reads this or not? Who knows who cares it is a great creative outlet! So for now I have to get my creative juices flowing~


  1. I still read it! I know how you feel, though. My blog has been neglected lately. I wonder if anyone ever reads it. I think about just quitting.... But I really do love to blog so I always decide to stick with it. It is my creative outlet, also. Good to "see" you back!

  2. I am here, I am here! keep going, keep writing...and keeping being you!!! Happy new year bristol!

  3. welcome back!!!
    I can't wait to catch up.

  4. I've been watching for you. Happy to see your return. Come back again soon!

  5. Ease back into it- you are woprth the wait!!!

  6. Of course I read it! Silly girl, you have been missed!!


  7. I love your blog Bristol! I had to take a break from blogging as well...seems like life is so hectic but even if it is only every couple months it is good to hear from you on your blog!

  8. hi! all friends happy new year don't forget visit my blog too and your site is so good I always visit it everyday, you update so quick !



    thanks you

  9. Hey there how are you.
    It has taken me forever to find you again.
    Hope all is well