Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Besties~

Dearest Besties,
I put my wonderful birthday present in the most perfect place today; it was like it was always supposed to be there. From the perch on my couch , I saw so many things in that vintage cabinet that reminded me of my friends and sorority sisters of 20 years. The beautiful lines and detail reminded me of Jennifer, the strength of the cabinet reminded me of Les. The oh so fun and vibrant paint job reminded me so much of Debbie. It was at that moment , I was so thankful that you three were back in my life again. I don't want to go in to detail but in the past years I had distanced and basically cut myself off from you sweet girls. You can be rest assured that will never happen again.

There has never been one single day that I did not think of you and longed to be in that wonderful circle of friendship. I don't want to dwell on the past, but look towards the future! How lucky I am that I have gotten to spend time with the two sweetest girls of my friend Jenn. I look forward to getting to know Les's boys as well. And Debbie, Sassy can always call our house home~

Spending my 40th birthday with you three was wonderful. Everyday that I look at that beautiful cabinet I will think of each of you. I used to think 40 would be so horrible to face; but honestly it is like I have come full circle. You all know me like a book and I cherish that! I am so blessed to call you friends, besties, sisters. Whatever the term, it is not going anywhere.

Jenn was given the task of picking my present out and if she only knew how much it meant. It was a wonderful gift to receive! I am so lucky to call you friends and look forward to the memories we will make. It makes me kind of wonder who had that cabinet in the past and what story they had to tell. I can tell you when it gets passed through my family ,it will have such a beautiful story to tell~

All my love,

P.S~ Check back tomorrow for the reveal of my sweet birthday present~


  1. Bristol what a wonderful post .
    How exciting to be back in that circle of friends.

  2. What a nice post Bristol!! 40 that is nothing girl, live it up!

  3. HEY!
    dont EVA let those girls go..EVER EVER EVER..
    and happiest days to you girlfriend!
    This old lady is going to be 44 in a few days, so...there!! Life is good, and good for you!

  4. True, true friends are priceless!!! So glad that you have all reconnected.

  5. So nice that you've all found each other again...happy belated birthday Bristol!

  6. What great friends! Fun, fun!
    Thanks so much for your help with the door! I could so relate to your comment. The door I have leaning against the wall in that room is one of our previous neighbor's doors. They bought a new door and were going to throw that one away which of course I couldn't dare let them! The house we lived in at that time had such cute doors on it and the new owner has put cheap, strange looking doors on it (a 1950 Cape Cod). It breaks my heart to drive by it!

  7. Welcome back to the blog world. You are very lucky to have such wonderful friends!

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  9. Hi Bristol :)

    What a wonderful post! You can feel the love you have for them in your written words :)

    Happy Birthday! I'll be 40 this year too.

    Glad you came back :)