Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet Finds

Two fashion finds I am in love with at this moment in time. The sandals I found at Target for 17.99. I purchased them in gold, blue, black and tortiose. Oh yes when I find a good thing I buy several. And to tell you a little secret I bought two black because well I wear black everyday. That way Iwill have a new fresh pair to take on vacay. These little puppies are as comfortable as a flat sandal can be. I actually wore them to work today with a pair black slacks. I did a huge floor move and I was not happy by the end of the day but I still looked down and said I love these sandals!
My other new find is Henry. Brown Bags. I got together with some college friends and when my friend Jenn walked in with this bag I went ballistic. The canvas, quality and color is out of this world. The monogramming is wonderful. They are located in Lexington, Kentucky. All of their product is made right in the heart of horse country.


  1. Bristol, Kasey and I were just wondering where you have been!! Good to see you, how the heck are ya? :) I love the sandals and I also love that you buy so many pairs, I was giggling when i read that! Love the bags too! :)

  2. I'm so with Tara and Kasey - I've missed you, too! Glad to see you back!

    I am the exact same way - I see something I like, I buy in many colors! I am off to check out the bags right now!


  3. My cousin Tracy introduced me to your blog! It's so cute. I love that cottage and, my husband has been telling me "when you love something, buy several." Glad to know someone else does it...I guess I can now too :)