Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Brand New Day

Since I started blogging I have not been one to get to personal. But I have been wanting to post about this for a couple days, so here we go. For me it is a Brand New Day. I have been in a rut for the past couple years since my Dad died. I was eating whatever I wanted, I stopped taking the medication that controls my insulin, and not working out. I have been making excuses for it and just shopping in the larger womens' section. So one can only shop at Lane Bryant for so long. You really have to be creative there to find my style. Not that it is a nice shop, I'm just sayin'. I have not tipped the scales too bad, I venture to say I am in a larger 14 or 16. Wander why there are never any pictures of me posted on the ol' blog, because not to happy with the appearance lately. I have been talking about dieting, but never had the right frame of mind. So for whatever reason I woke up the other day and said that's it, I am doing it. For one reason we are headed here in 10 weeks. My in-laws are taking the whole family on a Caribbean cruise and Lane Bryant is not going with us this time! The lovelies below are. I have been coveting this tunic and top from Sis Boom If you have not stopped by Jennifer Paganelli's site please do she is so talented, her fabric and products are beautiful and she is a all around sweet person!

So I headed back over here. I have struggled with my weight since my mid 20's. Not finding out until my 30's that it was mostly caused from and insulin problem. Anyhoo, I went to Weight Watchers at one time and had the most success there. The thing that was holding me back was the meetings. I found a couple days ago you could do the program online, today I started back on my insulin medication. And as soon as I finish typing this I am going to go walk.
It was so important to post this challenge and get on with it. So bare with me as the shop may open later and you may see more weight loss posts~


  1. I love this post. Like you, I've "struggled" with weight all my life, it seems. But only now, as a 45 year old, do I realize that life is too short to be imprisoned by constant battle with myself. I am what I am. You know what really freed me up? Having dogs. Sound funny? I looked at the canine world and realized they, like us, are all made differently. You have poodles, tiny "toy" dogs like mini-Yorkies, and you have the beagles, the dachshunds, and then you have the Labs, the mastiffs, the GREAT DANES, etc. Do you ever see a sheep dog or a bull dog skipping a meal or declining a treat because she noticed that poodle next door who is so much smaller, and well, "I just hate myself for being this size!". Nope. It doesn't occur to them to care. I love that about dogs. ;)
    So, yes. I "care" but I'm not obsessed anymore. I will never be a size 10 or 8 or 6 or 4 or ZERO (question: if you are a size zero, do you still exist?). :)
    I was made exactly this way and before I die, I want to just LIVE. God did not make us all poodles or chihuahuas (sp?). Some of us are "toy" breeds, some are average breeds, some of us are in the "giant" class of breeds. Isn't life too precious for us to try to be in another group instead of the one we were created as? Its too short for me, I know that. I'm all about healthy, and not being obese (whatever that is -- who actually defines that, anyway?), but I cannot try anymore to cram my size 12 or 14 body into a size 10 anymore -- at the risk of my health. Eating disorders kill and I am glad to be alive inspite of them. From here on out, I'm me -- take me or leave me. ;)

    You go girl, but be happy. First and foremost.


  2. Good for you! The decision to be healthy is always a good one. And just as Ruth pointed out, it's not the number, it's how you feel within your own skin. Just before my Mom passed, I had lost about 30 and felt really good. But I've put it all back on and a wee bit more. But I'm back on WW (love their program) and am doing the thing, which is not hard. I love to cook, so I love that you can do your own food. But now the exercise, that is always the hardest for me. So I hear ya. Hang in there. Hollar if you need a mental boost or a good WW recipe. :D I wish you the best. I know you will look super cute in that 2nd little dress! :D


  3. You go girl!
    just remember the people that love you, love you just the way you are. Im with you on the weightloss thing, take CARE of youself and love yourself..
    your comrade at the beach

  4. BRISTOL. Seriously? we are kindred spirits - SO many similarities - and this included! I would L.O.V.E. to be an accountability partner with you - (if you need/want!) and I'll do WW online, too! I need something with structure, and same thing - I really didn't want to go to meetings either. ew.

    SOOO proud of you for posting this, you've got SUCH support here (as I'm sure you know!) and I would love to help in any way.

    The Blog world has helped me so much regain a sense of self and reignited my passions, I know that whatever you 'put out there' will be embraced and given right back to you exponentially in the way of love, encouragement and virtual hugs.

    Email me and we can chat, if you'd like - Know I'm here for you!


  5. Bristol, I am so proud of you for letting this all out..doesn't it feel good? you are so strong and their are so many people that care about you, the blogging world is so encouraging, so use us please, please, we like to be used, we do!! congrats girl, I am so proud of you!! Big ole Hugs to you sweet girl! oh and have a wonderful time laying on the beach and playing with your family~

  6. you are not alone. we all go through bits and pieces where we struggle with wight and I applaud you for taking action. I myself just joined the gym and have a goal that i am stiving for.
    I'm proud of you and like everyone else is saying.....
    we are your support.
    now show yourself!!!!

  7. Bristol I so admire you for putting yourself out there! I wish you all the best with your weight loss. I too just started back exercising and had been making I'm right there with you girl!!! You can do it!!!!

  8. It sounds like this is something that has really bothered you for awhile. I think it is so brave and strong to tell us and go for it! Everyone battles with SOMETHING! I am trying to get into better shape myself right now and hopefully we can all encourage each other to be HEALTHY!!! On another note...Jennifer is a doll. I adore her. She is so kind and encouraging. Everytime she has come to my site and left a message I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day:-) I am really proud of you for taking charge of your life and health. I can't imagine what a spiral I would be on after losing a parent.

  9. Good for you Bristol! You get an "ATTAGIRL". I know how you feel. I never had to worry about my weight. My sister did though. Growing up she really struggled with it. Then I had kids. I think each one I have gone up about 2 or 3 sizes. I always tell my husband there is just more of me to love! I secretly hate the way I look. I just feel old and fat. Want to start bawling when my husband glances at the 20 something cutesy blondes. I would like to do something about it, but I have 3001 excuses not to. I just need to give myself a kick in the butt and do it though.

    Good Luck to you. I wish you all the best. That dress is cute enough to inspire me to lose some weight!

  10. Good for you. I think you just gave me the inspiration to do the same. I've shopped all the "larger" women stores and can't stand it anymore. I've never been as big as I am right now. I'm going to start walking every night...whether I want to or not!

    Thanks for inspiring me!


  11. Good for you! Like many of the others have said, your post is truly inspiring. I think I too will jump on the WW bandwagon. I did it 6 years ago and lost 40 pounds...and it stayed off...until I became pregnant. Now that my little one just turned 6, I don't think I can call it baby fat anymore. hehehe! Thanks fo making us feel like we're not alone in the struggle.

  12. Bristol!! You are so gonna do this sometimes we put it out there and low and behold it happens..I am rooting for you and I have a pretty dress when you make your announcement..can't pressure just do your very best...continue to put it out there the good the bad the ugly we want you to succeed!!! Put you first. You did it you walked ..what's next?

  13. I sure do understand the weight roller coaster! You go girl!!

  14. you go girl!!
    you know we love you ...

  15. What an inspiring post! I love that you feel like you can put yourself out there:)And rest assured you can find all the encouragment you need from fellow bloggers!! That's a fact. Maybe you will post a picture of yourself in your new tunic??;)

  16. Good luck! I just found your blog and love it :)

  17. What a candid post. I have a feeling that you will do it. Blogging is great because you get tons of support while you are on a journey like this.

    If you look back on my blog at the start of last December there is a picture of me that I am none too thrilled with, I am carrying around and extra 25 pounds, on someone who is 5 ft 3 in, that is lots! My face is all puffy and gross because I'd been on prednisone for six months.

    Everyone said the weight would "slide off" when I stopped the pills but NOT TRUE! Ugh. I visited some bloggers who had gone through the same thing and they were very helpful to share information (the candid stuff that doctors don't tell you because you would FREAK OUT). One of them was a dietician and she explained how my increased appetite, lowered metabolism and water retention created the perfect storm of weight gain.

    It has been almost six months now of diet and yoga and I still have seven pounds I need to shake before I can get into my "real" jeans.

    That said, don't put crazy pressure on yourself, do the best you can and no matter how much weight you lose, have a wonderful vacation and enjoy - you deserve it! You made some very delicious wardrobe choices, duckie!