Friday, April 10, 2009


Where do yo get your inspiration? I got the inspiration to make these pedestals from the most talented Holly at The pedestals she made are so gorgeous, go check them out. I decided to do my own spin on them~ I used sheet music and an old attendance certificate of my Grandads. They are so easy to assemble. All you need are paper mache boxes, candle sticks, wood bases and some acrylic paint. Simply use a glue gun to attach the already painted wood pieces to the paper mache lid. When securely attached start your embellishing. They are not intended for food use, but add a punch to my buffet table in the dining room
I have two other super talented ladies that have inspired me to create two fun projects, check back next week for the finished projects.


  1. Gorgeous! Now to find the time to DO the craft! :) Looks great!


  2. Love this idea! Isn't the blog world fun to find so much inspiration...and creativity!! hope you had a great weekend Bristol~

  3. Those are very cute. Cherry's Jubilee had one on her blog as well! I need to try my hand at these, right up my alley! :D


  4. I saw these on Holly's blog too. Such a cute idea. Love yours too:)

  5. cute, cute, cute.
    love this idea!

  6. these are so cute....cherry made one i love as well. i guess i should go with the inspiration and make one for myself!
    thanks for sharing.

  7. I really get inspired by flea markets and old papers. I am always thinking of ways to create with my finds.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog Bristol! I LOVE those cake plates. I am so inspired by old books, papers, labels, etc. You did a great job on these!


  9. Great inspiration. Thanks for sharing... i just love how they turned out.