Friday, April 3, 2009

This and That

I had ideas of posting pictures of my almost complete bedroom. My lovely camera is not cooperating so I hope to have them up Sunday. I thought I would show you a couple things I am dreaming about. I have been dreaming of this chair and sofa from IKEA. I would love to do white. But in my house it would be destroyed in 5 minutes flat. I would be sure to spill a glass of wine on it, Grace is not my middle name! My hats off to all the girls who can keep those creams and whites stain free. Now how to convince my husband on the great bargain that lies ahead~
And this sweet pillow I just purchased from Katie's Etsy Shop. Pop on over to her blog for the link. Check back on Sunday for the reveal of my bedroom. I finished everything on my list!! I put painting the floors on hold. I am off to search for a large area rug, wish me luck!!


  1. ooooooh, i would SO love to do white too...but...three boys...three cats...hmmmmm...i don't think that would work out so well:)

    LOVE the pillow!!!

  2. you know how i LOVE makeovers...and seeing how other people live/decorate...I can't wait to see yours!! YAY!!!

  3. Oh I am on the edge of my seat..can't wait, I will be back...hope you find a great rug too!! Oh and I can't do white either the OCD in me, lets loose and I freak out!...

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment!! I love that pillow! Can't wait to see your new room!

  5. Oh I love a big reveal! I'll be back.

  6. you go girl!

    Cant wait to seeeeee it!!

  7. I want that same chair in white when I redo my bedroom! Can't wait to see the pictures~

  8. alright, just so you know...
    im getting that exact sofa and chair....
    in white;-)
    love slipcovers....

  9. I have a pillow problem lately and showing this one isn't helping:-)