Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Name Game

I loved a post that Kasey did over at she wrote a wonderful post of how her kids names came to be. It got me to thinking about my wonderful unique name BRISTOL. How so many times I am asked as to where my parents came up with that name. I always wish I had some wonderful story to tell. When I end up telling it I think well that is a great story. To answer the first question often asked. Your parents must have been hippies to come up with a name like that in 1969? Uh, no so far from it! So I have two brothers 7 and 9 years older than me. There names were easy. My dad told my Mom some fabricated story that all men in his family had to have the initials JDW. So my brothers got two strong common names John and James(Jay). My Mom always longed for a girl. When she became pregnant for the last time she thought for sure she would have another wild boy. So she picked out one girls name, Lucinda. Thank god for the cousin who took the family name first when her child was born. So after that no other girls name was chosen, not one. So, on September 2oth the stars aligned and a girl was born. We had a problem there was no name. So here you go this is our wonderful story behind my name. My Mom's friend said Sandy's friend in California has a neat name. So right there in a flat second it was decided. Bristol would be my name and then enters Lucinda again as my middle name. So I have hated and loved my name throughout my life. I have to spell it 20 times a day but it's my name and I love it. So what's the story behind your name. Send me a comment with a your story. My son Griffin and I will pick out the best story
and the winner will receive two vintage horse ribbons. Pass on the news of the giveaway, the more the merrier! Leave a post before Monday at Midnight.


  1. I love your name!!! Mine doesn't really have an interesting story. Just picked out of a name book and it was popular when I was born. Cynthia is my name but I have always gone by Cindy. Happy Sunday to you!

  2. You do have a very cool name - and a great story to go with it! I'm named after my two maternal grandparents - Jack and Elizabeth (Jacquelyn Elizabeth) - not terribly original, but my grandpa died when I was a baby, so it's nice that his name got to live on. (My grandma on the other hand, is alive and kicking at almost 96!).

  3. I really like your name!

    Mine came to be in a rather boring way. My mom wanted to name me after my dad's mom, because she thought my grandma was the kindest, sweetest person in the world. Her name was Ivanka, and so when I was born my mom shared with a lady who was in the hospital with her. The lady looked at her and in a shocked way said, "Are you crazy?! What an old-fashioned name! Name her Ivana." And so that is how my name came to be. Still after my grandma, but not quite. Nowadays people just call me Evy (or Ivie) for short.

  4. There is no interesting story behind my name... my dad heard it mentioned and liked it and so Victoria I was!

    Victoria x

  5. I love your name!

    I didn't have a name for the first three days of my life -- I was supposed to be a boy (or so said the great 80's technology... and my grandfather who had never been wrong on guessing the sex) so my parent's had just a boy name picked out, that apparently took long to decide on, so there were no back ups. So after three days the nurse told my Mom I couldn't be released until I had a name and the insurance wouldn't pay after that point so she just pulled Ashley Lyn out of no where. She only used one "n" in Lyn because my last name has four letters and she didn't want me to have four letters in my middle and last name. I guess Dad just had to live with the name :)

  6. I love your name too Bristol!!! My mother had my brothers first, Jeffrey and James (Jimmy). When she had me, she not only wanted to stick with a J (why, we don't know) and her grandmothers name was Jenny. My mothers name was Lynn so I became Jennier Lynn. XOXO

  7. Hi Bristol!! so funny you wrote about your name, I live in California and I work right by a street caleld Brisol!! so when I drive by or on it I think of name, hmmm...everyone thinks I was named after Gone with the Wind..the plantation was named Tara. However, not the case, my mom watched a soap opera back in the 70's and there was a Tara who was a main character at the time, and my mom loved her name! Back then it was not a common name. So I am Tara Michelle and my niece is Alexandra Michelle and if I ever have a daughter she will have Michelle as a middle name too!

  8. Bristsol is such a beautiful name! You are lucky :)

    So, my name--

    I am actually the 4th Allegra in my family marking 4 consecutive generations. My great great grandfather found "my" name in a poem by Longfellow-The Children's Hour. In the poem he talks of his daughter, "Laughing Allegra." He named my great grandma Allegra, then my grandma was named Allegra, then my mom, and now me. I have vowed the name will not go on but there is a part of me that feels guilty for it. ;)

  9. Bristol - such a great name. Love the uniqueness of it - love the ring it has!

    My brother and my name is after Spencer Tracy. My parents would watch movies and sit through the credits and choose names that would work with their Scotch-Irish last name.

    So, I am Tracy. Brother is Spencer - and the rest is living history! (my other 2 sisters...I'm not sure where their names came from!)


  10. Bristol is a lovely name! I have struggled to like mine for a long time. Tiffany used to be a classy name, for Tiffany Lamps, Jewelery, breakfast at Tiffany's etc. Now it seems every stripper and risque movie star is named Tiffany! My parents named me that after fighting over names for months. They were out at an icecream parlor with my two older brothers when the staff started to sing to a little girl for her birthday. Her name was Tiffany. My parents looked at each other and both knew that was the name! No more fighting over it after that!
    xoxoxo, Tiffany

  11. HI Bristol,
    I LOVE your blog.. did you design this? You need to help me lol.. I am so glad to finally meet someone close! I will add you to my blog roll as a favorite.. Thanks for stopping by.. Your blog is great!
    Talk to you soon!
    Mechelle @ Pink Daisys

  12. yes...i love your name. i totally understand spelling your name or repeating it over and over and over! i get called christy, charity, chastity, and whatever else people can think of. one semester in english, my professor called me chastity nearly the whole semester {even though i had tried to correct him} one day he finally got it and asked me "are you sure that's your name?"
    it was hilarious.
    so, the story:
    my mom and dad loved sonny and cher when they were teenagers. sonny and cher had a daughter named parents took out one "t" and here i am. you should see them sing "i've got you babe" in the car. very embarrasing when i was growing up. funny now.
    have a great day.
    C H A S I T Y

  13. Can you imagine being born Maija Neibergs?? Try saying that! It's pronounced My-ah Ny-burgs. People would get all confused when I even spelled it out. When I was in elementary school and junior hign we changed the spelling to MYA thinking it would be easy to pronounce- no. I got Mia, Myra, Myna and even Mary. In middle school the boys used to say "mya mya pants on fire" Finally I went back to the ethnic spelling since no one gets it right anyhow! Now when I say my name Mya Lepore (say it out loud now) people think my name is Myla. It never ends! But I do embrace the uniqueness of my name!

  14. I love the name Bristol! It's really cool and to me sounds Brittish for some reason.

    My name came about because my mother liked Russian names. She had some grand idea in her head that I could be a ballerina. HA! About as delicate as an elephant here! She wanted to call me Anastasia but my dad hated it because with a 3 syllable surname, it was just TOO much and so Natasha is what they eventually agreed on.

    THANK THE LORD I am a girl. If I was a boy, i would have been Kable. No idea why my parents would be so mainstream with a girl's name but so OUT THERE with a boy's name! They liked some western actor called Kable Hogan or something like that. Can you imagine the beatings I would have got at a boy's school with a name like that?!!! hahaha

  15. Yeah I get asked that a lot as well..funny thing is that Cherry is a common name in England etc. There is website that you can go on that lets you know how many other people share your name here and abroad. Hey how are you? Havn't seen ya in awhile. cherry

  16. i love your name! it's beautiful.
    cuz i like unique names...

  17. I love your name. I am named after my grandmother. I have not always liked my name, but I love that I have that connection with her.