Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Do List

I love how Jenn at the Cottage Nest has a to do list on her sidebar and how she has completed everything on her list. I am going to borrow that great idea to keep me on task. I have so many projects brewing in my home, but they are never fully completed. So first up is my bedroom. I am waiting on the wallpaper to arrive. Since we are waiting let's move on to another project, my craft space (what a mess!) I hope to complete that by Saturday~
Here is to "To Do Lists" and getting them done~

Pictures from Country Living~


  1. love these rooms, love the suitcases and the cheery color in the first one, and the line of cowgirl boots in the second and the last one the iron beds...all so pretty! can't wait to see the wallpaper for your bedroom! :)

  2. love it all.
    my to-do list will never end...

  3. Cute pics! Icannot wait to see your list. Ive got a few things I could add to it, then you would HAVE to come and help a sister out! But then, really..we wouldnt get a thing done, would we? hehehe

  4. I clearly need to get country living magazine because I love all those inspiration pictures.
    I'm giving my masterbedroom a makeover and can't decide which way to go................
    I was actually going to Target today to pick out a coverlet or something, but I might have to wait now...........
    Great pics.

  5. Well hello, Theta! Where were you a Theta?

    I'm so with you - I have so many 1/2 check marks on my to-do list. So many started projects...and since my hubby is gone for the wknd, I'm determined to finish at least ONE of those! :)

    Love your blog - you always have such fun things to look at, think about and it just turns my brain in so many different directions of thought! :)

    **hugs, sista!**

  6. OOh, I'm kinda scared to post my To-Do list, then people would find out what a procrastinator I am! :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Thanks for visiting me and adding me to you blog list! I have been enjoying your sweet blog now for so long it is nice to participate too!

    I am the queen of the to do lists...I love crossing things off, it feels so good~

  8. Love that cheery red and yellow bedroom, esp the bedspread. And yep, like Stacy said, mine will never end. *sigh*.


  9. I saw and liked her to-do list but am terrified how LARGE mine would look on the side:)