Saturday, March 21, 2009

~Cherry Blossom Tree~

I love the start of spring it means renewel and starting anew. The first signs are when my cherry blossom tree in the front yard starts to bloom. I brought some in this week to enjoy. I love the simplicity of the branches and some added pantina~ Enjoy your spring weekend~


  1. love your header...and your sweet words about spring!
    happy pink saturday and happy spring to you!

  2. You and your awesome blog page..I just love it!!
    Here IS to spring, a warm (er) breeze, a hint of green, and our friendship, girlfriend!
    Happy weekend,

  3. How awesome it that! Love spring!!

  4. I love cherry blossoms...I keep some not so real one's in a vase in my bedroom...the real thing is much better!

  5. ok, so my cherry blossom tree is out back and mine has not started to bloom, I keep waiting as it is my favorite tree...I just have branches and I am afraid it is dead...ahh! yours look gorgeous, love the cloch and the hand too!