Monday, June 1, 2009

liVinG tHe ViNtAgE lIfE

So on Grant St we have been living vintage, that's right for about 9 days to be exact. When I say that we just did not hit the mother load at the neighborhood estate sale. Our air conditioning broke Memorial Day weekend. And let me tell you it was hot and muggy here that Saturday. We finally got someone to come out after the @#$* down the street did not show up. That's a whole different story and he's lucky the carton of eggs did not come out(now really I 'm classier then that, wink*wink) Anyhoo repairman 2 came out Monday, guess what the motor was blown. And guess why, sweet hubby of mine was not cleaning the filters enough. I do still love him. So the motor was ordered and move forward to Sat the 30, it arrived. But guess what we needed a new power pack(what ever that is). It was supposed to be here today. Guess what they forgot to unload it off the truck. Bye Bye power pack, it will be here on Tuesday. I think I freaked the repairman out when I told him I kicked my husband's arse. When he finally realized I was joking he could not stop laughing. It is never a dull moment here on Grant St. Through it all we had a super fun weekend with a graduation party at the house and a trip to the amusement park!! So keep your fingers crossed for the AC to be crankin' Tuesday. Keep them crossed real tight for my husband's sake, it's going to be hot tomorrow. And I still really do love him , even after our bill hit 4 digits!

Picture found on flickr @ eYe_image


  1. I think I'm going out tomorrow and replacing our filter. It is way overdue and you have me little worried. Hoping you will have air again real soon.

  2. heat + 0 AC = cranky me

    hope you're feeling cool soon. (a very funny title though)


  3. great fan...
    hope it gets cooled down for ya today.

  4. Ack, sounds are pretty funny though!! Hope all works out for you, nice to have you back~

  5. Ohhhh goodness! That is NOT fun!

    I hope it gets back in tip top shape asap



  6. I dont even have AC..maybe you need to move to WASHINGTON!! I know a great little town that could use a nice family..:)
    your so funny!