Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did someone say movie night....

Okay so I am almost packed and ready to go on the Caribbean cruise with my Husband's family. I have been anxious for the past couple days with regards to flying. It is not my most favorite thing to do. So my mind wonders to the things that make me relax. How fun would an outdoor movie night be. I would love to try this out a the family cottage this year, the kids would love it. I guess there is no way for the cow to be included. We could start with dinner outside and then on to a double feature. It would surely be a Disney classic double feature, Freaky Friday and Herbie the Love Bug. Did I ever mention to you that my son G loves old Disney Movies we have a ton on DVD, such a cute kid~ Happy weekend to you!

Picture from Country Living

Picture from Country Home


  1. Sounds Wonderful...I once had a boyfriend who lived steps from the ocean, and we would snuggle on a lounge outside and fall asleep under the stars, memories I LIKE to remember! :) Happy crusin'!

  2. I would love to do that, especially wherever those pictures were taken ;)

    I'll bring the Red Vines!


  3. Bristol! I have been wanting to do this for YEARS! Please do it, and post pictures! I've wanted to rent an antique popcorn machine, invite friends to BYO beach chair/towels....what FUN! I think you inspired to get off my a*s to do it...a end-of-summer fete, perhaps!?

    Have a great cruise....start thinking about the details of your movie night - where you can research the fun popcorn bags, what kind of candy you're wanting to have, who will be there, etc....!

    Happy cruising! xo

  4. They did a show on FN like that. they brought out the tv and had an old drive in. Everyone parked their cars (4) in Michael Chiarelli's yard and he made some drive in food to feed everyone. It seemed like such a great summer party!

  5. What a fun post. The pictures are fabulous and so inspiring. Thanks!

    P.S. Have a wonder weekend and a fun & safe cruise.

  6. We do this!!! Every summer we have a huge BBQ followed by an outdoor movie. We have popcorn, candy and drinks. Everyone brings blankets or chairs. I think last time we had about 100 people in our yard watching. It is the coolest thing we do with our friends and family each year and everyone raves about it for months. Try it!!!

  7. I remember this spread in the magazine!! I loved it soooo much. We do something similar but no barn and no cute red truck. This is truly one of the best ideas going! I love your blog by the way..I just found you today.

  8. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your prayers on behalf of my brother. It seems there is no escape from Cancer is there? My daily prayers will be with you as well. We just put our faith and trust in the Lord and he will be with us through everything. I would love to keep in touch.

  9. The movie night looks like fun but what I really want is that truck in the background!

  10. sounds good to me. how about the original parent trap? that's a fave.

    have a happy and safe trip!


  11. Have so much fun in the CArribean!!

  12. Love the pictures and the idea of a movie projected on the side of a barn. So fun - especially those great looking treats! Love the look of your new blog.