Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monogram Style

One of the hot trends this season are monograms or initials. What I want to know is when did they ever go out of style? I am 39 and have been wearing or decorating with Monograms or initials most of my life. I remember my favorite wool sweaters with my initials on the chest. I had them in many colors and they were a great companion for my wide whales and weejuns. I guess they have always been in style for me, I have been a prep from my earliest days. I loved the signet ring I got for my 21st birthday. One of my wedding presents was an etched monogram pitcher, it stills sits in my kitchen. So for me it is a classic and a staple in my home always~

Don't you love this tray from from

This pillow would look great on my couch, you can find this lovely at I have so many of these, morgan and company has a great selection .

I love this picture I found on Flickr. Brings back such great memories

I love this linen from but my pocket book does not~ A little secret you can take a duvet or pillowcases to an embroidery shop and have it done for less the price. Check around your local area. We have a cute shop in my community that I always turn to~


  1. It's all in the way they are used. anyone out there with a monogram purse for wallet is asking for trouble:)

  2. Darling post for the pillow parade. Have really enjoyed your post, it fills me with renewed inspiration to tackle unpacking moving boxes and making this space a home.

  3. Love this post! I like monograms, but here is the catch..I am not married to the pool man so a family monogram would be interesting at my home! Although I love names...and'em!

  4. I wasn't aware initials ever were out of style either!

  5. i LOVE that tray!!! I am off to check it out!

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving warm words behind, we really appreciate it! Love monograms specially in old linens and love, love, love your bench...what a transformation!!